I know —it feels a little early to start talking about Christmas. You just got a nice tan, the kid’s sports are (maybe) slowing down, and you aren’t exactly ready to bust out the eggnog and crank up the Christmas classics station. But hear me out! While it might be too early to hang the mistletoe, it’s never too early to save money for Christmas.


Because the sooner you start saving up for Christmas, the better (and less stressful) it will be. Too many people wait until December to think about what they need for Christmas. And I’m not talking just gifts There’s plenty of extra expenses during the Christmas holiday season:

  • Travel expense
  • Church functions
  • Work parties
  • Family meals
  • Decorations
  • And extra opportunities to give

With no money saved up, many people turn to credit cards to fund their winter holiday season. And that’s no good!

There’s no reason to put yourself through that kind of stress. It takes the fun out of holidays and makes January and February months you dread when those credit card statements start coming.

Right now, we have less than six months until Christmas. But don't worry, that is plenty of time to save up a stash of cash, create a plan, and spend wisely.

In this Christmas planning workshop you'll get:

  • Step by step instructions on how to find your numbers so that you know exactly what you need
  • A printable workbook - so that you stay organized

This hands-on workshop will leave you ready to have the Christmas you want without the debt and money stress.

So, queue your favorite Christmas playlist, dig out your ugly Christmas sweater, and let’s tackle Christmas planning in July!

The best part is, everything you learn can be used year-round to maximize your income and reduce debt dependency.

Get started now!

I really enjoyed watching and I learned a lot. I felt I responded to watching you better than Dave Ramsey. You came across warm and caring and helpful and encouraging. And I also appreciated that you’re a Believer. ~ Kris M.

Your Instructor


Danielle has personally paid off over $28,000 in debt in less than four years. She has over 15 years of teaching and training experience and more than eight years of coaching clients to successful monthly financial plans.

Danielle is passionate about transforming lives through proven, biblical money management techniques. She's a homeschooling mama of one.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound?
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.
Christmas is about Christ, not gifts so why are you doing this?
You're right - Christmas is about Christ the Greatest Gift to mankind and culture has created an opportunity for us to bless people in special ways during this season. This workshop will help you plan to be a blessing to others while also honoring God with finances.
Can my spouse join me?
Absolutely! And, this is appropriate for middle-school and up so if you have teens preparing for their own Christmas spending they can join too!
I don't have a budget. Will this work for me?
Yes! No prior budgeting or budget framework is necessary. :)

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